Kate Stelmaszek and her cocker spaniel, Annie

Many clients would like to know a little about me personally. This short biography gives a taste of my personality and interests…

The Beginning of 35+ Years Loving Animals

In 1980, Hillsborough, NJ was a farming community. Cows, chickens, and corn far outnumbered human residents. On the very last street of the township, a stone driveway snaked through oaks and maples, hopped a creek, and ended in a clearing. There, a family of four lived surrounded by 4 acresof woodland. This is where Kate Stelmaszek grew up.

Every day, she played outside. She spent her days outdoors looking for wildlife: searching under rocks for salamanders, splashing around the creek for box turtles, and watching doe and their spotted fawns play in the woods. “It was a beautiful place to grow up,” says Kate. “You’d get to see generations of birds and rabbits in the backyard.”

Growing up, Kate learned she had a special love for animals, especially pets. “I’ve helped ‘parent’ 18 (and counting) dog, cat, rabbit, hamster, and fish family members,” says Kate. “I just love being around animals – they’re incredibly honest, loving, and loyal. That’s the kind of person I want to be.”

Building Customer Trust First, Selling Second

As Kate grew up, she started working for local, retail businesses. To her surprise, she realized she had a knack for sales. “I never set out to sell to customers,” says Kate. “I just saw a person come into the store who needed help. They wanted ingredients for a special dinner, or new work boots for their job, or a toy for their young daughter. I just listened to the customers’ stories and suggested products to help them.”

Customers saw things differently. Kate received dozens of customer compliments and personal, heartfelt ‘thank yous.’ “It was a little embarrassing, because I’ve never liked being the center of attention,” says Kate. “And a little sad too. Because, if an old lady is thanking you up and down simply for helping her carry her things, you know she hasn’t been treated well. And that’s not right.” Experiences like that instilled in Kate a desire to deal with customers honestly and kindly.

“It’s just common decency, the way I was brought up,” says Kate. “You treat people well. Simple as that.”

Mixing Pet, Business, and Writing Skills in One Package

When it was time for college, Kate didn’t go into business, even with years of retail experience. “I’ve always loved writing,” says Kate. “And I didn’t know there was such a thing as marketing writing. So I thought my options were teaching or writing fiction.” But things changed when Kate discovered copywriting.

“It’s funny how everything came full circle,” says Kate. “Here I am, helping people in a business way, just like I’ve been doing since I was a teenager. I’m also working with pet people – my favorite kind of people. And I’m using writing to do it all. How cool is that?”

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