What Others Are Saying About
Pet Copywriter Kate Stelmaszek…

An imaginative, skilled writer

“Kate Stelmaszek is an imaginative, skilled writer. She came up with a unique perspective for an article for American Writers and Artists, Inc. She had planned and outlined a five article series, but she had the flexibility and skills to hone it down to a single, very persuasive article. When published, the article received excellent comments from readers. She has a good command of the English language and a very conversational, easy style. Plus, Kate is a joy to work with.”
Will Newman
Copywriter, Editor, and Coach 
American Writers and Artists, Inc.

A knack for weaving a story into her copy

“Kate understands the structure of a sales letter, and has a knack for weaving a story into her copy that keeps it engaging. Her writing is smooth and conversational, and a pleasure to read. I look forward to reading more of her work!”
Li Vasquez-Noone
Editorial and Content Coordinator
Barefoot Writer Magazine

Truly knows how to keep an audience engaged

“After working with Kate for several months, I can say she truly knows how to keep an audience engaged through social media management. Her understanding of direct response strategies shows in her articles and posts.”
Yilda Rivera,
CEO / Copywriter

Her writing is both warm and sharp

“Kate’s writing is both warm and sharp.  That is to say, the warmth in her tone informs the clarity of her ideas. Kate is often called to read other people’s copy in our copywriters’ group (Kate is our de facto leader, most organized and spirited.) We gladly receive her suggestions, and each of us benefits by applying them. With her empathy and her experience, Kate has chosen a perfect niche in HealthyPetMarketing!”
Nicole Taghert Bergstrom
Freelance Copywriter
BTFilms / BTCafe

Conscientious and detail-oriented

“Kate is a strong writer. She is conscientious and detail-oriented. You can rely on Kate to craft compelling copy using proven copywriting techniques and best practices. Her writing skills and sales experience will be valuable assets for your marketing needs. I highly recommend Kate.”
Nahrin Dowds
B2B Technology Copywriter

Recommended to anyone looking for an effective copywriter

“Kate understands the key to successful, money-making writing on the web: writing that makes you feel like the reader and writer are having a 1-on-1 conversation. Recommended to anyone looking for an effective copywriter. I look forward to using Kate on future projects.”
Patrick Brian O’Neill
Copywriter / Marketer


Carefully crafted and thoughtful work

“As a copywriter in the pet niche, Kate has a true passion for her subject and always delivers carefully crafted and thoughtful work. She also has a well deserved reputation for being on time with assignments. That extra care combined with her skillful writing make the difference.”
Donald DiCicco
Freelance Copywriter

Honest and down to earth

“I know Katie on a personal level, and feel like she is family, after knowing her for over 30 years. I find Katie to be a sweet person, someone who is extremely kindhearted, and loving. I see Katie as being very non-judgmental, a “what you see is what you get” person, honest and down to earth. Wherever Katie goes, she brings a feeling of warmth with her, always smiling, and laughing. Katie has the best sense of humor. She is someone I can be myself around…warts and all, because I feel Katie see’s the real me. Katie has a way of making the people in her life feel special.”
Elizabeth Amerman
Retired Nurse

Hillsborough, NJ

Does thorough research

“Kate does thorough research, examining assignments from every angle. She asks all kinds of questions (even questions that others might shy away from asking!) before she makes a judgment.  Her opinions aren’t lightly-held or fickle.”
Helene Hannon
Librarian at Sewanee, The University of the South
Sewanee, TN

Listens fully and patiently in conversation

“Kate has the ability and willingness to listen — to listen fully and patiently in conversation with others. In the business realm, the person who genuinely listens is the person who hears not what they want to hear or what they expect to hear but, rather, what the customer/client/employee is communicating.  And that real communication is essential to any business trying to innovate, increase sales, improve management, raise employee retention, etc.”
John R. Thompson, M.B.A., J.D.
Consulting Attorney & Business Advisor
Philadelphia, PA

Commanding writing

 “Kate is the best writer I know. Her work is commanding, whether it’s serious or humorous. This is because, better than anyone I know, Kate is genuine. She holds firmly to her values, even in the face of the demands of others.”
Shelia Redford
Princeton, NJ

 “Always gets things done

 “I’ve known Kate my whole life: 34 years. Her perseverance is her strongest quality. She sticks with things, is determined, and doesn’t give up, even if she falls or fails. She always gets things done.”
Tim Hannon
Graduate Student at Sewanee, The University of the South
Sewanee, TN

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