Web and Website Copywriting Services

What are your online marketing goals?

  • Are you trying to appear higher in Google search rankings?
  • Do you want to guide visitors to your key sales pages?
  • Would you like to transform more visitors into paying customers?

I can help. Below are listed a number of pet copywriting services I provide to increase your business’s profitability…

1. Site Content Audit and Report

A site content audit is a comprehensive website report that identifies content weaknesses and provides solutions. Its purpose is to increase your website’s search ranking or boost conversion numbers (aka subscribing or buying customers).

2. SEO Keyword Research

SEO research discovers the specific keywords visitors use to find your site online, identifying top opportunities in Google and other search engines on specific topics.  SEO Keyword Research has the power to boost your rankings, increase your organic traffic, and dramatically increase your sales.

3. Web Page: SEO and Copywriting

Web Page SEO and Copywriting combines SEO research with effective, action-oriented marketing writing. Depending on the purpose of the page, an optimized webpage can boost your search rankings, increase click-through rate to key sales pages, boost specific product sales, and much more.

4. Banner or Text Ad

A banner or text ad alerts visitors to special discounts and promotions, directs visitors to your best sales pages, or acts as a lead generator, offering visitors a gift in exchange for sharing their name and email.

5. Landing Page

A landing page is a targeted advertisement used to generate leads or sales for a specific promotion and to a specific audience.

6. Article or Blog Post

Articles and blogs provide information, attract website visitors through SEO, and encourage returning customers through useful, shareable content.

7. Special Report (aka White Paper)

A special report or white paper attracts new leads by providing a valuable, downloadable report. Special reports can also be offered for sale or included as premiums to increase the value of products.

Ready to begin?

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